How To Attract An Aquarius Man

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Attract An Aquarius Man…

    If your sights are set on the heart of an Aquarius man but you’re having trouble getting his attention then look no further because we may just have the solution.

    There are certain traits that Aquarius men simply can’t resist and they often find themself almost hopelessly drawn towards and even falling in love with people who exhibit these characteristics.

    So without further ado I present to you 5 sure-fire ways to attract the Aquarius man of your dreams!

    #1: Avoid too much emotion and sentiment…

    Aquarius men can get easily bored of too much emotion and sentiment. Keep things light and casual to begin with and show him your more playful side.

    Bored Of Relationship

    If you charge into the relationship with all emotions blazing then you could very easily scare him off.

    #2: Be un-ordinary and adventurous…

    To capture the attention of an Aquarius man you will need to stand out and be able to keep him guessing.

    Sense Of Adventure

    Show him your more unconventional side and appeal more to his spontaneous and adventurous spirit and he’ll always want to be around you!

    #3: Show him your clever side…

    Aquarius men love a woman that can think for herself and that can make him think about things. Showing him your witty and intellectual side is a sure-fire way to capture his attention and differentiate yourself from the pack.

    Clever Books

    Without intellectual stimulation the Gemini man will probably get bored at some point or another so show him you have something going on upstairs!

    #4: Communication is key…

    Gemini men are naturally articulate creatures who crave social interactions and as a result having good communication in a relationship is absolutely crucial to them.

    Couple In Love Talking

    They need to know that they can open up to you and that you can get on their wave length.

    #5: Allow him his independence…

    The Aquarius man is fiercly independent and always intent on standing on his own two feet. Don’t try to take this away from him or you could lose him altogether.

    Free And Independant

    He can’t handle people putting unnecessary rules and restrictions on what he does and how he acts so give him the space he needs and he will love you all the more for it.

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