How To Attract An Aquarius Woman

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Attract An Aquarius Woman…

    If you’ve got your eyes on an Aquarius women and are hoping to win her love and affection then there’s a few things that you may want to know about the female Aquarius personality so  that you don’t screw it up with her!

    Aquarius women can be eccentric and sometimes hard to figure out but never fear because today we’ll be revealing 5 sure-fire ways to attract the Aquarius woman of your dreams!

    #1: Begin slowly and don’t rush into ‘labels’…

    Aquarius women aren’t big on rushing into relationships so take things slow especially when you’re just starting out.

    Casual Aquarius Friendship

    Spend some time actually getting to to know her and don’t go proposing marriage just weeks into the relationship!

    #2: Talk about things that fascinate you…

    Aquarius woman will fall head over heels for somebody with an interesting and captivating mind… so skip the superficial topics and strike up a conversation about something that you are truly passionate about.

    Creative And Interesting Mind

    Show her that you have interests beyond just the ‘surface’ level and she’ll likely get curious and want to find out what else is hiding way in that brain of yours.

    #3: Don’t try to tie her down or control her life…

    The Aquarius woman is very much a free spirit who doesn’t like to be controlled. Show her that you care but don’t get too controlling.

    Free Spirit Aquarius Woman

    If you start asking for logs of every little move that she makes then she will be sure to run the other way. Give her space to breathe and she will love you all the more for it.

    #4: Avoid showing off or being too overbearing…

    Showing off and overbearing displays of arrogance are always likely to repel an Aquarius woman.

    Don't Push Aquarius Women

    Be proud of who you are and of what you have accomplished but also be a bit humble too and try not to take yourself too seriously all of the time.

    #5: Impress her with your unconventional side…

    Aquarius women love a man that stands out from the crowd and that can even be a bit unconventional and break the norm.

    Be Unique And Unconvential

    Show her your spontaneous and more rebellious side and it’ll excite her side and bring her closer to you. She’ll always want to stick around just to see what happens next!

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